The Real Pianists of the Hamptons

Do you have the art of music in you,  or do you simply love the melody of the piano? Do you love spending hours with your friends singing and playing the piano, or maybe you just like to hang out with food challengefriends and give them a good listen?  If “yes” to any of these questions, then this reality show is made just for you with a mix of fun, thrills and excitement. You can watch us on your very own on the YouTube channel, the Pianofest TV. This show features some great pianists who live together in the Hamptons under the direction of the famous pianist and teacher Paul Schenly. They don’t just practice together, they do everything else together too like cooking, eating,  laughing. Just imagine living together with a great bunch of talents brimming with creativity and loving the art of music.

The focus of the show is not so much on competing as it is on giving each other support. Who doesn’t want to live with a team of people where you are able to nurture friendships, have many performance Concert Pianofestopportunities, and interact with the residents of the community?   The Hamptons happens to be a great music place with talented musicians, artists and authors living there. Apart from that, it is an extremely beautiful place with its seacoast and beaches. Youngsters love the nightlife and the Hamptons give it to you. Want to grab that creativity in you? Then what could be better than to take a walk or a dip in the ocean that is just walking distance away from the practice house? Pianofest also happens to be perfect for preparing for competitions and concert programs. Just let that cool wind hit your head, and splash up the creative pianist in you.

The Real Pianists of the Hamptons is a reality show filled with music, melodious challenges, and fun punishments. One challenge given to the pianists on the show was to distribute the concert brochure to as many people as possible and to convince them to attend.Punishment Pianists who gave out the fewest flyers had to go through the punishment of drinking a smoothie (more like a death potion) containing a weird mix of ingredients. Imagine drinking a mixture of banana, egg and onions. Aaagh! I can already smell it. One of the greatest things about the show is that whether the contestants are at the bottom or the top of the list, they all receive the gems of advice from the wise old great pianists. Piano talents from all over the world are found right here. If you happen to be an aspiring pianist, you will be able to take away those gems by listening to individual discussions of pianists with great names in the industry.

Another interesting competition was the opera challenge.  Pianists came in pairs — with the guy dressed as a girl with long gowns and dramatic eye make-up, and the girls  dressed as guys with coats and ties. Watching this duo of singer and pianist showing off their talents was great fun. Just imagine how much fun it would be to be actually there as a contestant. What happens next was even crazier. The losing team had to go through a pie punishment with huge pies smacked in their faces.

Do you aspire to make a mark at both the national and international level? Come join us at because our pianists are on a great journey from local talent to international stars. Or simply follow the new episodes on our very own channel by clicking here.

Pianofest 2016

Konstantin Soukhovetski - Co-producer of The Real Pianists of the Hamptons
Konstantin Soukhovetski – Co-producer of The Real Pianists of the Hamptons


A difficult day in the Hamptons with my friend Claudio Bonfiglio
A difficult day in the Hamptons with my friend Claudio Bonfiglio