Bored to death – literally


This is a short video that I made, which was inspired by my favorite composer Nicolaj Kapustin.  One of his pieces is featured on this video as the background music. With the detailed and best effort that I have put into this video, I want to show the deeper side of me.  Basically, this video is made by me, and I mean me. From video recording, editing and even acting (not to mention my super cool piano performance), I have done all on this video, making it a one – man production.

The story begins with a young man trying to remove his boredom. His favorite hobby is playing the piano but boredom keeps on striking him. He found his dog waiting for him at the front door – he tried to play with it, but to no avail. It seems that the boredom has caught up with him so much that he just can`t escape from it. As a last resort, he finally went outside, took off his shirt, brought his surfing gear and ran to the ocean.  He then tried to surf. As the waves crash down on him, he continues to surf. He surfed and surfed. But it seems like the boredom is still overcoming him, and the waves are now catching up on him…

Want to find out what happens next? Watch the movie.