Concert at Pianofest

Pianofest House

I have been giving numerous concerts and been a guest of Pianofest since 2014.

Pianofest in the Hamptons, directed by Paul Schenly, is a summer festival that offers exceptionally concentrated study to a small group of pianists selected by audition. The teaching at Pianofest stresses an ethic based on support rather than competition. In addition to emphasizing the solo repertoire, students accompany each other in concertos and explore the duo piano literature. Pianofest also offers an opportunity for pianists to nurture their own friendships, performance opportunities, and contacts with the residents of the community. The Hamptons attract visitors from around the world, while local residents include renowned authors, artists and musicians.

Pianofest is a very special festival and since my first year there I wanted to capture every single moment of it.
I am the producer of the “Real Pianists of the Hamptons” YouTube series and creator of the Channel.

Also I`m responsible to make every pianist at the festival looking good: check the posters on the Pianofest Facebook page.

Encinitas Public Library

Encinitas Public Library
Encinitas Public Library

Greystone Mansion


I have performed in many Groupmuse concerts in Los Angeles and New York.

Music Academy of the West

Music Academy of the West

Solo Piano Fellow, 2013


I have been the pianist of the festival since 2016.

Dedicated to the artistic career advancement of exceptionally gifted young professional musicians and to the promotion of peace and understanding through music.

Producer and Social Media

I work with the director, Laura Schmieder, in order to improve and enhance the experience for the musicians and the audience.
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