My life at USC Thornton School of Music!

My name is Jacopo Giacopuzzi, a student of USC Thornton School of Music. I am originally from Italy and have recently moved to California to pursue my fascination in studying music particularly in playing piano by earning my Master’s degree in Piano Performance. My life here in California has been enjoyable – I have met very nice people that I already considered them my second family. I even make it to a point to visit them on weekends to stay and mingle with them! California as a whole has a nice ambiance and I love the time I am living in. It has inspired me so much that my creative juices have flown. I am now on the initial stages of making creative pieces of mixing acting with original pieces of music that I myself composed. Currently, I have made a video created artistically in the sense of an actress (which is actually my friend!) walking around while a piano piece is playing. I also recently made a presentation at Piano Fest in Hampton’s where I performed alongside 3 other piano performers. You may find it seemingly normal – but we played altogether, in one piano. Yes that’s right! We played simultaneously in one piano – playing the same piece but with different ranges. To top it all up, I mounted a GoPro on my head and recorded the whole performance. You should see those 8 hands doing the piece all at the same time! Looking on a different perspective or point of view using a virtual first person view is fantastic, it’s even hilarious!