Project Classical music videoclips

You can easily assume from my website that enthusiasm has always guided me in art direction. Although my fields of interest are numerous, especially in recent years, I have placed musical studies side by side with my passion for photography and for video-making.

So why not marry the two interests so that classical music enriches imagery, and vice versa?

This realization is in part due to Maestro Vittorio Bresciani, who in the past has given me the opportunity to be one of the protagonists of his DanteXperience, a real experience that unites some main forms of expression, based on the music of the Dante Symphony Liszt transcribed for two pianos, voices, choir, conductor and accompanied by the projection of images of the famous illustrator Dorè.

In reality, the final blend of these art forms is nothing new.  Music-video clips, which in the pop world has been around for a lifetime, it is not too common in the classical music world.

Now, in my video production I have added a new ingredient—a pinch of fashion.  After all, often a music video fits stylistically with the short video presentations of the latest collections of Milano fashion.

I’m not a fashion blogger, but I love to keep up with the latest news in the field of fashion and I often like to think of anticipating future trends. But I don’t want to say anything further now as I don’t want to spoil a future post.

Well, the end result of all these mental ruminations is my first video clip on the etude op.40 of Kapustin n.2, one of my favorite composers.

Many compositions of this Ukrainian composer stimulate the visual imagination, especially this etude; because of the continuous movement and flow of the right hand, I was immediately inspired by the motion of the water.

The theme of water is a subject very dear to me; water is life, healing, regeneration and timeless.

I incorporated the fashion component by chance, but when I was browsing through Facebook, I noticed a post by a dear friend of Verona, Federica Zumerle, who presented his new women’s fashion collection, which was also inspired by water.

So in the style of magnet-tool in Photoshop, the dress that best represented the idea of Federica, ended up inside the timeline of my video clip.

The story in the video describes in 3 minutes the rejuvenating effect that water has on mood and all the benefits of peace associated with it.

Martina Sani, the protagonist of this process of Bildung, offered herself in the role of a young teenager who wakes up depressed and in a rut. Then, attracted by the magic of water elements, she is transformed and in the end achieves peace of mind and balance with nature.

Special thanks to Ginevra Tognoli, Ottavia Dorrucci, Martina DeMarzi, Andrea Marchiori, Francesca Benolli, Claudia Cravedi e Valentina Fusa.