Lots of travel this summer: Michigan, New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, Europe, Hawaii

Buongiorno fellas!

Just a few updates. Summer is approaching so fast and with it comes lots of fun, travels, plans performances and other activities.
In early June, I will be performing for the first time in a city not located on a US Coast: Chelsea, MI. Once my curiosity of mid-America is satisfied, my eagerness for an ocean view will start to kick in, so once again, I will head to Pianofest in the Hamptons on June 16th.

As I started the Pianofest tradition in the tony and trendy Easthampton in 2014, I never stopped enjoying working and performing there. (Read previous posts on Pianofest)
For those who are curious to know more about this festival, check the website out and a few Youtube projects I have been working on in few past years:
Performances at Pianofest – Interviews – Reality Show – Facebook Page
If you live in New York City, please, come check out Pianofest in person; it is so worth it!

A smooth (hopefully) UA flight then will take me back to my beloved Los Angeles where iPalpiti festival will be waiting for me. iPalpiti is a chamber music/Orchestra/Ensemble festival that has been around in the LA/ San Diego area for 20 years. Performances will occur in amazing venues like Disney Hall, LACMA Bing Theatre, Greystone Mansion and more.
I`m particularly excited about this one because my family will be here to attend some of my concerts and those of my sister! My sister, Maddalena Giacopuzzi, will be one of the fellows at the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara, a festival which, a few years ago, opened a lot of doors for me here in California and for which I am very thankful.

On July 31 I`ll be flying back to Italy and Croatia for some good quality time with family and Sara, of course; I would love to see you, amici!

And finally, after returning to Santa Barbara for few days on August 15, my best time of the year will come: Hawaii 2017!

This summer my friends and I decided to spend 10 days only in Maui. After all, it is our favorite island and some of our favorite Hawaiin people live there.
Our staying in Maui will include 2 very eclectic concerts at the Chamber Music festival and lots and lots of fun water activities and video shooting.
The eclectism of our concerts and the coolness of our deeds can be well seen in the video below but before watching, please, tell me what you would love to see next on my blog and YouTube channel by commenting this post or by sending me an email at ghidappo@gmail.com, thank you!

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