Shame on me that I have not updated my blog more regularly.  While I will try to write dedicated posts, I will also list the main topics for future posts.

In the meantime, many things have happened here in California. In November, I attended the Liszt Competition in Pomona, about a half hour northeast of Los Angeles.

The artistic level was very high, especially child prodigies that I listened to at the awards ceremony.  I came home with four awards including a first prize.  The experience was more than satisfactory (happy face for Liszt Competition).

Time flies here.  It might be related to the fact that I travel every week between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, and I never seem have a free moment.  But a week here in California now goes by faster than a quarter of a week a few years ago.

The Christmas break arrived early, before I had finished all the exams of the first semester. I organized a trip with 5 other friends ton Big Bear, a mountain resort “just” two hours from Los Angeles.

The absurd: we drove from the coast at 25 degrees Celsius (77 Fahrenheit), across Los Angeles, then we entered the desert, started to go uphill and … snow!  From surfing, to longboard and finally snowboarding… ask me why I love Los Angeles!

The cabin we rented on  airbnb was beautiful and super cozy; it was just 2 minutes from the resort that overlooks a lake.  We spent three relaxing days snowboarding, watching movies and playing Catan or Cards Against Humanity by the fireplace drinking Mulled wine and cooking stuff.

Three days of truce and stop.

After returning I spent a few days with a good friend from high school who is now at the University of California, Davis (near Sacramento) who came to see me in Santa Barbara.  Afterwards, I started working for Mission Jazz, a very special festival to which I`ll dedicate a special post.

The second semester has begun and I’d like to tell you about my first recital at USC.  I’m excited not only because I will be playing here on campus and it will conclude my first year at USC, but also because 10 days afterward, I will be back home in Italy for a couple of weeks to play concerts and see family and friends.  For anyone who wants to listen to the songs that I will play, I have prepared a calendar with the dates of my concerts in Italy.

Soon I`ll speak about project SoCal, but now I gotta sleep!


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