By now we are filling up the hard drive with millions of photos that we didn’t even know we had.
With the advent of digital photography, we can take as many photos as we want. Often we do not value the shots that deserve to be remembered in the midst of thousands of selfies that pollute our “roll”.
Photobooks cost less than they used to and there are more services available to create and print them.
Personally I found a convenient service that can also be used with Lightroom, which allows me to save on paper shots that probably no one would see if the Instagram’s server were to stop working.
I’m talking about Blurb, with its variety of sizes and types of paper.
If you deem it appropriate you can also put your photobooks up for sale! I started with the collection of my photos of Instagram, divided by theme.

Here is the link of mine; the photobooks will grow over time!


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